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    Thidiazuron as a defoliant used in cotton planting. Absorbed by the plant, can promote the separation of tissue between the petiole and stem of natural formation and shedding is defoliants good.
    Colourless crystals, the melting point of 210. 5 DEG -212.5 DEG (decomposition), vapor pressure of 4nPa at 25 DEG C. 23 degrees, the water solubility of 31mg/L (PH7.25 C), ethane dichloromethane methanol 0.002, 4.20, 0.003, 0.40 and 6.67 of toluene, acetone, ethyl acetate (1.1 g/l, 20 DEG C) see into optical isomers light easy, stable at room temperature for PH5~9, in the accelerated research on storage stability (14 days in 54 DEG C) no decomposition.
    The matters needing attention:
    1 applying time too early, otherwise it will affect the yield.
    2 application within two days after the rain will affect the efficacy, should pay attention to the weather to prevent pesticide before.
    3 don't contaminate other crops, in order to avoid phytotoxicity.