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    Paclobutrazol chemical, its against the water on Seedling after spraying, can prevent seedling apical growth advantage, promote lateral bud (tiller) breeding. Seedling appearance of stocky tillering, root system developed. For growers, delayed a few days transplantation.
    A detailed introduction
    Paclobutrazol is three triazole plant successfully developed 80's growth regulator, is endogenous gibberellin synthesis inhibitor.
    Also it can improve rice IAA oxidase activity, reduce the level of endogenous IAA in rice seedling. Significantly decreased rice seedling apical growth advantage, promote lateral bud (tiller) breeding. Stocky seedling appearance more tillers, leaf color dark green. Developed root system. Anatomical studies show, PP333 can make rice root, leaf, leaf sheath cells become small, the
    The cell layers increased organ. Tracer analysis indicated that, rice seeds, leaves, roots can absorb paclobutrazol. Paclobutrazol leaves absorb most of the stranded in the absorption part, few outward transport. Paclobutrazol low concentrations promote rice leaf photosynthetic efficiency; high concentration inhibited photosynthetic efficiency, improve the root respiration intensity, reduce on the part of the respiratory intensity, improve the resistance of leaf stoma, reduce foliar transpiration.
    Paclobutrazol agricultural application value lies in its effect on the control of crop growth. With delay plant growth, inhibition of stem elongation, shortening of internodes, promote plant tillering, promote flower bud differentiation, resistance to increase plant, improve the yield effect. This product is suitable for rice, wheat, peanuts, fruit, tobacco, rapeseed, soybean, flowers, lawn (plant), are remarkable use effect.
    But a long time, residues of Paclobutrazol in soil, ambient temperature (20 degrees C) was stable in storage period in more than two years, if Paclobutrazol use or improper handling of the coming year, even at the base of planting vegetable export is extremely easy to cause the drug residues exceed the standard.