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    Physical and chemical properties
    The pure product is colorless and without smelling crystallization, melting point 119 degrees C, vapor pressure 2.3 * 10 - 5Pa (25 C), soluble in water. Solubility (mg/L, 25 DEG C): water 734, 1530, 770 ethanol and methanol ether 26.5, xylene, 49 5g/L heptane (25 C). Easy to absorb moisture, stable under normal temperature conditions.
    Toxicity: low toxicity. Acute oral LD50 was 900-1160mg/kg,
    Acute percutaneous LD50 was greater than 4000mg/kg
    Structure type:
    This product is a hormone selective herbicide, there are two types of powder and water agent. On cereal crop safety, to latifolious crops sensitive drugs were plant root, stem and leaf absorption and conduction, effectively control broadleaf weeds and sedge weeds.
    Scope of application
    Can be used for rice, wheat, corn and other field of gramineous crops, control Cyperus difformis, duck tongue grass, water spinach, wild arrowhead, flat bar deer grass, Polygonum, vetch, pig bedstraw, Ranunculus, shepherd's purse, dandelion, Ukraine Liana berry, Cephalanoplos segetum, broad-leaved weeds and sedge weeds. The performance is stable, the effect is remarkable.