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    CIPAC digital code: 357
    Chemical name: N-1- (ethyl group) 2,6- two nitro -3,4- two methyl aniline
    Structure type:
    Experimental type: C13H19N3O4
    Relative molecular weight: 281.3 (by 2005 international relative atomic weight)
    Biological activity: Herbicide
    Melting point: 54 to 58 DEG C solubility (26 DEG C, g / L): water 0.3mg/l (at 20 DEG C), acetone 700, xylene 628, corn oil 148, heptane 138, isopropanol 77 (g / L, 26 DEG C), soluble in benzene, toluene, chloroform, dichloromethane, slightly soluble in petroleum ether and gasoline. Appearance: This product is brown yellow to orange crystalline powder, no visible foreign matter and adding modifier.
    Stability: 5 ~ 130 degrees Celsius storage stability, acid and alkali stability, under the light of slow decomposition.
    Two pendimethalin pesticide control index:
    Two pendimethalin /% = mass fraction
    PH range
    4 ~ 8
    The mass fraction of water is less than or equal to /%
    Zero point five
    The mass fraction is less than or equal to /% acetone insoluble
    Zero point five
    Packing and storage: to prevent moisture and sunlight; not with food, seed and forage.