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    Basic information:
    Bromoxynil octanoate is a broad-spectrum and selective postemergence stem and leaf treatment contact herbicide, because the product has significant herbicidal properties, for control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. At the same time, it on cereal crops with high selectivity, safe to use in each growth period. It is widely used in various fields of crops wheat, corn, sorghum, sugar cane, flax, onions and other and control Polygonum, quinoa, amaranth, wheat bottle grass, Solanum nigrum, Xanthium sibiricum, field bindweed, several broadleaf weeds. Therefore, more and more attention by the Department of plant protection.
    Functional use:
    Bromoxynil octanoate for selective seedling stems and leaves after processing touch kill herbicide, mainly absorbed by the blades, the very limited conduction in plants, through the inhibition of various processes of photosynthesis, including inhibition of photosynthetic phosphorylation reactions and electron transport, especially photosynthesis of the Hill reaction, the plant tissue necrosis rapidly, so as to kill the purpose of the grass, the temperature
    The dead leaves high acceleration. Physicochemical properties: the original appearance is light yellow solid, the melting point of 45 DEG -46 DEG, solubility (g/L, 20 C): 100 acetone, 100 methanol,
    Two a benzene 700, does not dissolve in water. Preparations for the appearance of brownish red homogeneous liquid, ratio of 1.04, pH (H2SO4) is less than or equal to 0.7%, flash point 66 C, stable in neutral and acidic medium, alkaline conditions easily decomposed.
    Toxicity: the medicine has no specific antidote, if swallowed, do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice immediately, suit the remedy to the case. The acute oral LD50 for 147mg/kg acute by percutaneous LD50 to 2000mg / kg.
    Matters needing attention:
    1 not in hot weather or temperature below 8 DEG C or a severe frost in the near future under the condition of drug use, after spraying without rain 6h;
    2 should not be mixed with alkalescent pesticide and fertilizer, can not mix.