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    2,4-D TC
    Molecular Cl2C6H3OCH2COOH; C8H6Cl2O3
    Appearance and properties of white to sodium color, crystal powder, no odor, industrial products with slightly phenol odor
    Molecular weight 221.04 vapor pressure
    0.053kPa (160 degrees C)
    Melting point
    138 C. boiling point: 160 C /0.05kPa
    Soluble in water, slightly soluble in oil, soluble in ethanol, etc.
    Relative density (air =1) 7.63
    Risk marker
    Main use
    The use of agriculture used as herbicides and plant growth regulator, often processed into sodium, ammonium salts or esters of liquid, powder, emulsion, ointment
    Using method
    (1) to prevent flower abscission, promote fruit
    Tomato inflorescence 3-4 flower in full bloom with 15 to 30 mg / 2 liters, 4 - droplet spraying order, increase the fruit setting rate, early maturity and high yield. When the air temperature is low, the temperature is higher, and the lower concentration is used when the temperature is high. Eggplant flowering with 2, 4 drops of 30~50 mg / L liquid spray, haveprevent. Pepper with 2, 4 drops of 30 mg / L leaching flower, increase the fruit setting rate.
    (2) to prevent premature prenatal
    Citrus fruit is 4 cm in diameter, with 2, 4 drops of 5~20 mg / L spraying fruit, can prevent preharvest drop.
    (3) to improve the storage capacity of fruit
    In the 1 months before the production of orange 2, 4 drops of 70~100 mg / L spraying fruit, fruit storage ability and enhance disease resistance.
    matters needing attention
    (1) with 2, 4 - spraying drops of tomato, eggplant flowers to prevent drop with quasi inflorescence spray, not whole plant spray, not arbitrarily increase the concentration in order to avoid injury. We should also pay attention to the adjacent broad-leaved plant damage.
    (2) do not use fruit seed 2, 4 drops, due to the use of 2, 4 treatment will produce seedless fruit.
    (3) early spring tomato should meet the temperature requirements, when the temperature is too low, the use of 2, 4 drops of fruit, will increase the proportion of abnormal fruit.