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    2,4-D butyl ester
    Basic information
    Toxicity according to China's pesticide toxicity classification standards for low toxicity herbicide, acute oral LD50 500-150 mg / kg, no chronic toxicity problems. Carp TLM (48 hours) 40 mg / kg. Low toxicity herbicide varieties.
    Type 72%, 76%2, 4- butylate ec.
    Difficult to dissolve in water, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, volatile, the case of alkali decomposition. Steroid selective herbicide. With strong internal absorption conductivity, high efficacy, in a very low concentration (<0.01%) that can inhibit the normal growth and development of plants, there is a deformity, until death. Mainly used for stem and leaf after seedling treatment, the development of good, strong permeability, easy to enter the plant body, not easy to be washed by rain, sensitive to the weeds of Gemini, the cereal crop safety.
    Suitable scope is mainly suitable for wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, Tian of gramineous crops and Herbage Grass Control sowing Descurainia sophia L., Chenopodium album, pepper, mustard, ion grass, chickweed, anti retroflexus, Humulus, horsetail, Lactuca indica, Cephalanoplos segetum, Xanthium sibiricum, field bindweed, purslane etc. broadleaf weeds, ineffective to gramineous weeds.
    Using method
    1 winter wheat and barley field use
    Applicable for the period for late tillering stage, broad-leaved weeds, 3-5 leaf stage, with per mu of 72%2, 50-100 ml of 2,4-D butylate EC, of water 30-40 kg diluted spray.
    2 spring wheat and barley barley field use
    Applicable period for crop 4-5 leaves to tillering stage, with the amount of the same amount of winter wheat.
    3 corn, sorghum field use
    3-5 days after sowing, in pre emergence per acre 72%2, 50-100 ml of 2,4-D butylate EC and water 35 kg evenly sprayed on the soil surface and have been unearthed weeds. Can also be used in corn, sorghum seedling after 4 leaf stage, with per mu of 72%2, 2,4-D butylate EC 40-65 ml, about 35 kg of water, to spray weed leaves and stems.
    4 millet field use
    Applicable for the period millet 4-6 leaf stage, with per mu of 72%2, 2,4-D butylate EC 30-50 ml, to 15-20 kg water, to spray weed leaves and stems.
    5 rice field use
    The applicable period of tiller final period, per mu 72%2, 4- butylate EC 35-50 ml, 30 kg of water spray. The day before the evening to drain the water spray, after spraying the water, after the normal management.
    6 sugarcane field use
    Applicable for sugarcane seedling per mu issued before the adorable, 72%2, 4- butylate EC 150-200 ml, 30 kg of water spray.
    7 ranch use
    Mu with 72%2, 4- butylate EC 150-200 ml, 25-50 kg of water spray.
    matters needing attention
    1.2, 4- butylate is very sensitive to cotton, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, melons and other dicotyledonous plants. Spray in no wind or breeze weather is, never to spray or drift to sensitive crops, so as to avoid the occurrence of phytotoxicity, not in the set have sensitive crop Tanaka using 2, 4-D butyl ester.
    2. To strictly grasp the periods of application and usage, wheat and rice after the four leaf stage and jointing of 2, 4-D butyl ester sensitive and should not be used.
    3 best spray. In order to avoid spraying other pesticides phytotoxicity. If not dedicated, spray over 2, 4- butyl ester sensitive, not suitable for use.
    4.2, 4-D can not contact with acid and alkali, so as not to break down the failure.