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    Low toxicity fungicide. TC rat acute oral LD50 1000-1500 mg / kg, rats of percutaneous LD50 > 1000 mg / kg. On the skin has a mild stimulation, no carcinogenic, mutagenic, mutagenic effect in the test dose, the fish toxicity of medium, harmless to the bees and birds.
    The other name of 100 Leton, Triadimefon, chlorothalonil ketone, Amiral
    Fungal ergosterol synthesis inhibition. Reduced to a "three" in the body of bacteria and increased virulence. The oomycete Phytophthora (not produce ergosterol) is invalid.
    Is a kind of fungicide with strong internal absorption, with two-way conduction function, and has the prevention, eradication, treatment and fumigation effect, the duration is longer. 5%, 15%, 25% wettable powder, 25%, 20%, 10% EC, paste, 20%, 25% rubber suspension agent, 0.5%, 1%, 10% of the powder, 15% of the smoke agent.
    Scope of application: for rust, powdery mildew and smut effects, of smut of maize and sorghum, corn round spot disease, with good control effect.
    Using method
    1, wheat smut, rust, powdery mildew, moire disease wheat smut, 30 grams (15% wettable powder 200 grams) of the agent is 100 kg seed mix effective components; to rust, powdery mildew, moire disease can be made at the beginning of the disease, with per mu of effective components of 8.75 grams (25% EC 35 grams), serious when available 15 grams of effective components (if with 25% EC, 60 grams) Duishui 75-100 kg spray.
    2, corn, sorghum head smut prevention of head smut, every 100 kilograms of seeds with 15% wettable powder 533 grams of dressing. Head smut of sorghum, 100 kg per seed with 15% wettable powder 266-400 grams of dressing.
    3, melon powdery mildew in the field with 25% wettable powder 5000 times liquid spray 1-2 times, greenhouse with 25% wet WP 1000 times liquid spray 1-2 times. Bean class in rust or re infection at the early stage of the disease, with 25% WP 2000 times liquid spray 1-2 times.
    Note with alkaline and other additives except copper mixed preparations. Seed dressing can delay the 1-2 days seedling seed, but does not affect the germination rate and growth period.
    The reagent is placed in the dry and ventilated place. No effects of antidote, only symptomatic treatment.