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    Content: 95%
    Specifications: 25 kg / bag
    Status: white powder
    Performance indicators: white non solid solid, melting point of 72.9 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of about 312 degrees Celsius (328 degrees Celsius). Vapor pressure of 3.4 x 10-6Pa (25 degrees C), the water solubility of 610 mu g/L (25 C). Stable in PH=5 aqueous solution. The product content is more than 95%, the highest rate was over 98%.
    Function introduction:
    The broad spectrum fungicide is a new kind of fluorine containing fungicide, which was successfully developed from the natural product Strobilurins as the lead compound of the fungicide. With high efficiency, broad spectrum, protection, treatment, eradication, penetration, internal absorption activity, resistance to water erosion, long duration and so on. On 1, 4 demethylase enzyme inhibitor, benzamides, dicarboxylic amine and benzimidazole produce resistant strains effectively, and currently available fungicides no cross resistance. For almost all fungal classes (Ascomycetes, basidiomycetes, oomycetes gang and fungi imperfecti) diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, Ying blight, net blotch, downy mildew, blast had good activity. Except for special effects to powdery mildew, leaf spot, rust, downy mildew, blight, apple Xing black rot, rape sclerotium disease has good activity. Crop safety, because it is in the soil, the water can be quickly degraded, so the environmental safety. Because trifloxystrobin with broad-spectrum, penetration, rapid distribution properties, crop absorption fast, coupled with its to the uptake, so resistant to rain erosion performance, long effective period, so it is considered to be the second generation of strobilurin fungicides to. Trifloxystrobin is mainly used in the stem and leaf treatment, protect the activity of excellent, and has certain therapeutic activity and activity was not affected by environmental impact, application of the best period for spore germination and early onset stage, but the scab in different periods were active.