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    prochloraz-manganese chloride complex
    Basic information
    [Chinese name]
    Mic manganese salt [1]
    [chemical name] N- propyl -N-[2- (2,4,6- three chlorophenoxy) ethyl]-1H imidazole -1- formamide chloride - [physicochemical properties]
    White to brown sand like micro powder, smell fragrant, the melting point of 141 DEG to 142.5 DEG C, water
    prochloraz-manganese chloride complex
    Degree of 40mg / L, acetone was 7g, the vapor pressure of 0.02Pa (at 20 DEG C), in aqueous solution or suspension solution, quickly separate the compound, at 25 DEG C under the separation degree in 4 hours, reached 55%. 2, toxicity
    Poisoning symptoms: the general only to the skin, eye irritation, low oral poisoning, no poisoning reported. Rescue therapy: symptomatic treatment. Eating immediately emetic, gastric lavage. Matters needing attention:
    [1] preservative treatment shall be the day of harvest the fruit, the day of treatment is completed. [2] before the fruit will be sure to
    Chemical mixing, soaking after 1 minutes to remove the dried fruit. [3] this product is toxic to fish, fish ponds, rivers
    Or ditch. Daily intake: acute oral LD50:1600-3200mg/kg acute percutaneous LD50:3, the role of characteristics
    Prochloraz manganese salt with absorption and transport, prevention, protection and treatment multiple roles, belongs to the imidazole fungicides to Sportak - manganese chloride complexes as active ingredient, ascomycetes cause a variety of
    Crop diseases have special effects. Shi Baogong plays a role in the inhibition of the biosynthesis of cholesterol. Mainly used for Sportak EC easily cause injury of crops.