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    Performance and characteristics
    Junduqing is a kind of amino acid is a kind of systemic fungicide, effective component is replaced with glycine derivatives, sterilization mechanism is solidification bacteria protein and damage cell membrane of bacteria, the bacteria respiratory depression, denature bacteria enzyme system, thus killing the bacteria. With high efficiency, low toxicity, no residue and so on, and has a good permeability, the invasion of the bark of the latent bacteria have a certain eradication of the role, can be used to control a variety of fungi, bacteria and virus diseases caused by.
    2, control objects and methods of use
    Crops, melons vegetables, 50% bacteria poisonous clear control object and use methods of rice white leaf blight and bacterial leaf spot of rice blast and sheath blight, bakanae disease, root rot disease effects of rot, soft rot), virus disease, downy mildew effects of (cucumber, watermelon, melon, etc.) angular leaf spot disease, rot and downy mildew and virus disease, Fusarium wilt have markedly; the peppers, eggplant, tomato bacterial wilt and rot disease, virus disease and other effects of peanut oil stem rot effects of tulips, plants and flowers, grass root rot, rot disease effects of ginger blast, banana leaf spot disease with special effects. 50% of the bacterial and virus cleaning of citrus canker, scab, apple canker, pear scab have markedly, the peach perforation disease, anthracnose of grape, potato blight is specific.
    3, the types of bacteria and virus prevention
    The effective component of the bacterial toxin is one kind of amino acid, which has a good control effect on the fungal disease and virus disease of many crops. Its role is to inhibit the mycelium and spore growth of bacteria, destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, inhibit respiratory system, coagulation protein, so that the enzyme denaturation and the role of antimicrobial and bactericidal. Product is 5% water, 20% can be wet powder.
    (1) prevention and control of apple tree rot. With a knife in the disease scar around the deep along the length of ellipse circle, cross knife strokes in the middle, deep health organization or xylem. With 5% water agent 100-200 times the liquid to brush a disease scar, each square centimeter of medicine liquid 10-15 ml. In addition, for the prevention of infectious diseases, after trimming or the winter season, with 5% times liquid spray agent 500-1000 plant.
    Apple fruit rust, spray 5% agent 200-300 times.
    Prevention and treatment of Citrus flow gum disease, foot rot, resin disease, the stem rot disease, with a knife scrape skin disease in addition to, and then 5% agent 50-100 times liquid applied lesions. After the medicine, 7--15 days of crack, gradually falling off healing.
    Control of Watermelon Fusarium wilt, after transplanting the slow seedling, the incidence of the center with 5% water 400 times the root.
    (2) prevention and control of cotton wilt disease, in the early stage of disease, with 5% water agent 200-300 times of liquid filling root, every 10--15 days and 1 times, each 250 ml of irrigation solution.
    (3) prevention and control of tomato, pepper virus disease, in the early stage of disease, with 5% water solution 200-300 times the liquid foliar spray, every 7--10 days and then sprayed 1 times.
    (4) the prevention and treatment of tobacco virus disease, in the initial stage of the 5% water injection 500 times, 7 days, 1 days, a total of 3 times a total of 2 times.
    (5) the control of rice bacterial leaf spot disease, bacterial blight, mu with 5% water 170-250 ml or 20% 40-60 grams of wet powder, the conventional spray of water.
    Junduging water agent at low temperatures, possible crystallization, before using the medicine bottle can be dissolved in warm water heating.