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    physical property
    Pure white crystal, melting point 187~188 degrees celsius. Industrial Technical orange crystal. For water, light, heat stability, duration of 7~10 days.
    Molecular formula: C9H7N3S
    Relative molecular weight: 189.25
    CAS number: 41814-78-2
    Dangerous categories: the first 6.1 categories of toxic products
    Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 0.267 * 10-7 (25 C)
    Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, dichloromethane, soluble in chloroform, acetone.
    Taboo: strong oxidizing agent.
    (decomposition) combustion product: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide.
    Belong to medium toxic fungicide. The acute oral LD50 was 305 mg / kg, the mice were 250mg/kg, the acute percutaneous LD50>2000 ml / kg, and the acute inhalation of LC50>0.25 mg /m3. The rabbit's eye and skin have mild irritation and no chronic toxicity under the experimental dose. Safety of aquatic organisms. No toxicity to the honey bee, it has a slight influence on the silkworm.
    Dosage form
    20%, 40%, 75%, 30%,, 20%, 1%, three, three ring, wet powder, powder, powder, 4%.
    Protective fungicide with strong internal absorption. Can quickly be absorbed by various parts of rice, long duration, stable, low dosage and anti rain water erosion.
    Scope of application
    Mainly used for the control of rice blast.
    Prevention and cure effect
    The three ring has a strong internal absorption, can quickly be absorbed by the roots and leaves of rice, and transported to the rice plant, in general, after 2 hours after spraying, the absorption of the amount of rice. Products with 20% and 75% can be wet powder.
    The prevention and protection of the protective effect of the main, in the use of the best effect. For the specific operation of the spray method used: control seedling blast, 5 days before the seedling 3-4 leaf stage or transplanting, mu with 20% wettable powder 50 - 75 grams, of water spray; prevention and control of leaf blast and Panicle Blast, in leaf blast early onset or at the booting stage to began heading, mu with 20% wettable powder of 75-100 grams of water spray; Panicle Blast serious interval of 10 - 14 days to 1 application.
    Tricyclazole leaching seedling prevention leaf blast effect is better than that of seedling pulling before the spray, specific approach is: will 20% Sanhuan Oh wettable powder of 750 times liquid Sheng bucket, or at the edge of the nursery dig a shallow, pad plastic film, filling physic liquor, to pull up the seedlings and bundle, slightly thrown water on liquor soaked in 1 minute about fish out, piled up 0. 5 hour immediately after planting.
    Drug dipping seedling, sometimes cause yellowing, but soon recovered, does not affect the future growth of rice seedlings.