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In the spring of the agricultural resources
Published in:2015-03-07

In the spring of the agricultural resources
Published: 2015-03-07
In this spring, agricultural people with full of hope, and started a hot action. Like the current agricultural markets, a busy scene, opened the curtain, production, delivery, stocking, promotion,,,,
In the spring of the market, always give a person with unlimited passion, regardless of the past year have many frustrations and stress, in this round of the new journey, each agricultural people full of passion, this time, we heard a central file times ictus. From the central document, we are pleased to see, agricultural science and technology innovation and promotion banner has fluttered in the breeze, closely around the implementation of "two make every attempt,; two efforts to ensure that the objectives and tasks with science and technology", villages and peasant households, power production and income increase, as the theme of the agricultural science and technology in promoting activities have started, construction of agricultural technology extension system at the basic level, a series of problems and stable agricultural disaster prevention and reduction yield significant promotion, practical technology of crop seed industry development how to obtains new breakthrough, new progress, the Ministry of agriculture has made the comprehensive deployment and arrangement.
Standing in the agricultural industry point of view, we also see, in 2012 continue to maintain a prudent monetary policy, the relevant industrial policies industry gradually introduced in the context of the central, pesticide industry will show a big reshuffle situation. The state will from the policy encourages competitive enterprises bigger and stronger, large enterprise groups through the formation of joint venture, mergers, restructuring and other ways.
In the export sector, we still can see the hope, in 2012 the number will increase the export brand, one is USA, Brazil Australia over the planting area expanded, increasing our herbicides and fungicides on demand, two is Southeast Asia because of rising food prices stimulate planting, farmers favor China pesticide products, three crude oil prices rose after promoting pesticide raw material prices, production of foreign pesticide enterprises will have more substantial decline, is conducive to the Chinese pesticide export.
In the spring of the wilderness, the seeds of hope will take root, open the bright flowers, bear rich fruit. While in the process of growth may suffer expose to wind and rain, may encounter many unknown problems, but we still have hope of agricultural industry, the prospects for the future, we must be full of hope.
Hope is a kind of power, the connection is successful, a distillation of a leap, a ladder. Lu Xun said, hope though slim, but once caught it constant, as a shield, adhere to a clear battle.
As long as we work hard, as long as we are willing to pay, all the hard work and efforts will have a reward, because there will be a fruit, fruit also must have a cause, chance favors the prepared people time, so let's get ready, looking and waiting for the opportunity, and then seize the opportunity, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, walk out of predicament calmly, to meet the arrival of the victory.
Discerning agricultural production enterprises, they changed the past long established sales model, the marketing tentacles deep into the grassroots, strives for the development change, in difficult to environment bravely walked out of a road of hope.
Agricultural market environment already so, spring wherever he went, the inevitable everywhere Shenghui, action to the place, only then has the harvest. Let's take a policy from the East, together the market flawed, the industry to a brilliant.