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Seed coating agent has become the fastest developing varieties of pesticide field
Published in:2015-03-07

Seed coating agent has become the fastest developing varieties of pesticide field
Published: 2015-02-14
At present, when the wheat seed coating agent production and promotion of the peak, is highly concerned by the seed seed enterprises and dealers. Affected by the huge profits, the increasingly mature market, huge market share and other factors, in recent years seed market prospects are generally optimistic about everyone, especially this year, many enterprises have launched seed project.
Introduce the industry, the demand of seed coating agent in recent years, the market is growing year by year, the corn has been basically achieved all sowing wheat seeding coating, coating around 20% farmers are now gradually accepted seed coating of this approach. Currently on the market a lot of seed coating products, both at home and abroad agrochemical enterprises have production, although seed started late in China, but the level of technology and Multi-National Corporation gaps. Seed coating agent to have greater development, we must solve seed coatingagents stability and supporting dressing mechanical problems.
At present, seed coating agent has become the development of China's pesticide field with quickest varieties, domestic North agricultural (Hai Li) Zhuozhou Seed Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Huanong seed limited liability company, and other companies have obtained the registration certificate of seed coating products. Farmers to seed coating awareness is now more and more high, Henan, Shandong is the most used in the area of seed, seed coating agent in Hunan, Hubei and other major rice producing areas have attracted more and more attention of farmers, Anhui, Hebei and other places of potato seed dressing agent for rapid development of maize and peanut.
Analysis of the industry pointed out that domestic enterprises pay attention, seed coating caused by many reasons, on the one hand, seed starts late in our country, the market share accounted for about 5% of the agro industry, and foreign seed accounted for about 30% of the market share of the market prospect is broad, on the other hand, seed coating of profits, is a traditional agricultural products profit 2 times. In addition, the Multi-National Corporation in recent years to guide and market cultivation, seed coating has good market foundation.