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In 2015 the south rice drug demand highlights
Published in:2015-03-07

In 2015 the south rice drug demand highlights
Published: 2015-03-07
Recently, the South Peak integrity control plant diseases and insect pests of rice, the reporter learned from the parties, this year in Guangxi, Guizhou and other regions of the relocation of rice planthopper harm occur early, early move into a large amount of immigration. The amount of daily larvae lamp more show highest worm history rare volume, the region lay particular stress on rice planthopper harm occurs, pesticide manufacturers supply tight, sales soared, prevention experts recommend rice planthopper to prevention, combination, attention before the seedlings and seed treatment, very good to reduce pests and diseases have occurred late effect.
The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region plant protection station owners Wang Kaixue said, this year Guangxi local rice planthopper harm moving presentation occur early, early migrating to move into the characteristics of large amount, mid April to early May, foreign rice planthopper immigration peak appears continuously, lamp insect amount is large, the May 5 day daily trap amounted to 550000 of the highest amount of historical rare insects, local rice field pest density increase, the occurrence of rice planthopper in Guangxi has different degree and showed increasing trend, Beihai City, Yinhai District, Lingshan County, Gangbei District, Guigang City, South and Yulin and other regions of the pest occurrence of heavy. Because the prediction accuracy, at present already by holding the spot way, ruled against professional cooperatives in cooperation with local system, control on rice planthopper, has completed the task of prevention and cure, achieve the control index. Prevention for emigration of rice planthopper, mainly according to the forecast, in a targeted manner to do prevention work.
An industry of rice planthopper prevention experts said, rice planthopper prevention, with rice black streaked dwarf disease of Rice Brown Planthopper and the gear spread stunt disease combined. For the harm of this kind of sudden rice planthopper, preferred etofenprox, buprofezin, imidacloprid, Pymetrozine, buprofezin are relatively safe for natural enemies insecticides to control. For is not the single cropping rice seedling transplanting, to do a good job in processing chemical soaking seed dressing, seed, seedling with centralized way, seedling raising process is best to use insect nets or non-woven fabrics covering, to obstruct the poison of rice planthopper in rice virus transmission, the transplanting process, abandoned grew weak, susceptible seedlings, as low as possible insect density, reduce the growth of rice planthopper control pressure late. For the occurrence of diseases and insect pests of paddy fields, should be treated rice insect density and poison, the implementation of pesticides and anti viral agent cooperative control.